Visions of Tomorrow
Ideas for the future.

The Teleporter

My last idea is to create a device that teleports a person to anywhere in the world. It would be a personal-sized hand-held device. Navigation would be something like a combination of a GPS with Google.

There would be multiple ways to go somewhere. One way would be to just enter an address or the name of a unique location (such as the Sphinx). Another way would be to pick a place from a list of areas of interest (theaters, restaurants, malls, etc). The third way would be to enter a search string, in case you cannot name a place but you cannot use a list of places (such as Alfredo Gomez's house). Finally, the fourth way is to link up with another person and automatically follow him or her.

The benefits include:
-You can be anywhere you want, at any time you wish, and never be at the mercy of the constraints of traffic or roads
-You will never again be late for anything
-You will never have to stop at a gas station
-You will never get lost on your way
-It's solar-powered and 100% eco-friendly


The teleporter will revolutionize the whole world.
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